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Learning Journey to Gardenia Bakery

          N2 Cluster EAS Group organised a Learning Journey to Gardenia Bakery on 9 Jun 2008 with the following objectives: Team Building, Experiential learning and Service Delivery.

          The overall response from the EAS in the cluster was overwhelming and due to the restriction by the Gardenia Bakery, only 90 participated in the LJ. The members were also joined by our very own Cluster Superintendent, Mrs Ong.

          At the Gardenia Bakery factory, the members were greeted by Miss Angela, the factory liaison officer. She introduced the members on the various types of bread produced by the company. The production process was also explained through the viewing of their video. The members were lead on a tour to one of their production line. The members were able to witness how the various production processes of bread-making. Although the production line is highly automated, there is also many human interventions throughout the processes. We were amazed that the less than ten workers could operate the huge production line that make thousands of bread per day. The workers were well-trained with little or almost no supervision. They were empowered to ensure the final products were of high quality. These were the valuable lessons learnt by the members.

        A survey was conducted for the visit. Almost all members indicated that they were pleased with the visit and requested for more of such visit in future.



Having Lunch before departure                                          
Almost full - house
Miss Angela - Gardenia Bakery's Liaison Officer
Eager to go on the factory tour